A Little Bit About
My Square Dance Background

I Started Square Dancing In 1958 In Kenmore, NY To Local Callers...The Late Harold Keefe & Don Kennedy. After Some Encouragement On An Amateur Night, I Became Interested In Calling In 1962. I Graduated My 1st Beginners Class In 1964. Thru The Years I Danced And Called Beginner One Night Stands... Basic... Mainstream & Plus Levels...
Advanced Levels (A-1 & A-2) and Challenge Levels (C-1 , C-2 & C-3A).

I Am Able To Dance & Cue Rounds Up To Phase 3 ...Plus Cue E-Z Line Dances.

My Favorite Callers Thru The Years were...
Art Harris (NY), Don Kennedy (NY/FL),
Joel Pepper (CA)
Bob Fisk (KS), Lee Helsel (CA)
Lloyd Litman (OH), Lee Kopman (NY)
Dave Hodson (OH), Ross Howell (NY/TX/ FL).
I Enjoyed Dancing To Them And Have Learned
Much From Them.

I Wrote The C-1 Square Dance Call
"With The Flow"

Caller@Larrys-Plac e.com